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Vikingbags Guide for Yamaha Bags

If you are a Yamaha owner then you already know that only best accessories will do for you and your mean machine! These powerful bikes are among the most popular with motorcycle lovers the world over. At Vikingbags we understand that the accessories that can be perfect partners with these bikes have to be superior as well and that’s exactly what we create. For example, the sturdy Raider is a combination of chopper with the cruiser styling and performance. This means that they need solid and sturdy saddlebags to complement them. The beautiful and classic lines of the Road Star bike need a sleeker design while the V-star series needs a more casual and fun look to blend in. The Virago is still a head turner, so no wonder our Virago series saddlebags are state of the art too.


Yamaha Raider
Saddlebags Guide

Harley Dyna Saddlebag Guide

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Yamaha Roadstar

Harley Softail Saddlebag Guide

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Yamaha V Star
Saddlebags Guide

Harley Sportster Saddlebag Guide

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Yamaha Virago Saddlebags Guide

Harley Sportster Saddlebag Guide

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As we have seen above, each Yamaha series bike comes with its very own style, looks and functionality. Keeping these differences in mind we have come up with specific Viking products that perfectly complement these motorcycles. When you need sleek you have it and when you need solid and sturdy you get the same which means a complete and seamless design blend.


All Viking Bags are designed to do away with storage worries and issues. This is possible because superior design provides a large amount of space in each of them, even enough for a short trip when one chooses the small size. They also are also handy enough to have multiple compartments in each to help keep all things organized.


The state of the art lock system that is built into the Viking saddlebags for Yamaha series make them the most secure accessories of all. You can also opt for the padlock ring system that can be fitted into the bags, in each case making them super safe for all goods carried. The bags themselves are built to withstand road and weather pressure without giving in for years on end.


Despite the differences in design and style, all motorcycle saddlebags have the flexible mounting option. This means that you can alternate between a hard mount and a throw over saddle if you are using our quick disconnect system. The mounting hardware comes free with every purchase which means more value for your money.


Use this guide to understand the differences between these products which have been specially designed to match the differences of the bikes. The perfect match comes with the blending in of the functions as well as looks. So if you are the owner of a sturdy and heavy duty model them a sturdy saddlebag is what you need. If you are planning a long road trip then a model that has ample storage space is just what you need.