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Motorcycle Suzuki Luggage Guide

Vikingbags Guide for Suzuki Bags

For motorcycle enthusiasts around the world, Suzuki is a name to be reckoned with. It is as much for the looks as it is for the easy functionality that these bikes stand for. The three chief models are the Boulevard, Intruder and Marauder series. The Boulevard is a perfect combination of classic and modern styles. It’s sleek and smart design makes it as much as part of the modern day biking population as it did for the 80’s generation when it was launched. At the same time, this great model has been the foundation for the all subsequent and successful Suzuki models that followed. The Intruder on the other hand is the retro cruiser that is designed to bring pure joy for its riders. The Marauder, as the name suggests, is ultimate power ride for all motorcycle lovers. Each of these has their unique style and therefore need unique accessories to match them. Vikingbags offers a multitude of styles that can seamlessly blend in with these and offer the perfect saddlebag to partner one on road.


Suzuki Boulevard
Saddlebag Guide

Harley Dyna Saddlebag Guide

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Suzuki Intruder
Saddlebag Guide

Harley Softail Saddlebag Guide

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Suzuki Marauder Saddlebag Guide

Harley Sportster Saddlebag Guide

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Vikingbags Guide on Choosing, Installing and Maintaining Suzuki Saddlebags



Suzuki bikes have been known to turn heads whenever they cruise by. Therefore, it is unthinkable that the wrong accessory or a saddlebag should mar this perfect look. With the specific Viking saddlebags however you can expect the right product to match the right style with ease.


No matter which style you opt for you can expect and enjoy ample storage from now on. Viking saddlebags have been designed to make it easy for every rider to get on to their journey without worrying about luggage and storage issues. Multiple compartments are built in to help people not only store but also keep their things organized.


Another thing to look for in a motorcycle saddlebag is the type of security available. Now this security comes as much from the hardy exterior as it does from the sophisticated lock system installed in these bags. Both are unique to Viking Bags because intense research and great designs have paved the way to create this damage resistant and secure luggage for all riders.

So whether you want a flashier look for your Marauder or a sleek finish to your Intruder you have ample options right here. What makes these products really stand out is that they offer durability and style at the same time, with absolute value for money.


Every bag brings with free mounting hardware that is so easy to install. With this ease of use we also make sure that the affordability factor remains high all the time. What’s even more exciting is that we also offer flexible mounting between a hard mount and a throw over both of which can be interchanged with a quick disconnect system, anytime.