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Street Luggage

Street/Sportbike Luggage

Street/Sportbike Luggage
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Luggage Compartments for Street Bikes

From the street bike saddlebags to the tail bags in our collection, you can mix and match many of these street bike luggage compartments for a more streamlined appearance and greater functionality. Because Viking's team of experienced engineers has designed these bags to complement each other nicely, you'll find that these aesthetically pleasing lines work perfectly coincide with your street bike's original appearance. And because on-bike performance such as handling and speed are such high factors when riding, we wanted to feature a lineup of luggage that allows you to remain free.

Constructed of high quality Cardura material and synthetic leathers, each of these Viking street bike luggage solutions is built to handle everything thrown its way. Weatherproof and asphalt resistant, you can push the limits of motorcycle riding even further than before and not worry about the contents you've stored away. Viking understands that on-bike luggage should never hinder the rider's ability to have fun at the same time, so these luggage compartments are built with that very idea in mind.


Key features of Viking Street Bike Luggage

With key features that set this street bike luggage collection apart from the rest of the competition, riders can make great use out of innovative Viking features. For example, the street bike saddlebags and tail bags feature top carry handles for better off-bike transportation. Of course, if you just want to store your smaller items in a convenient location without adding anymore luggage to your motorcycle, the street bike backpack makes a perfect solution. With adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps, riders can focus on gripping their handlebars and worry less about shifting around their personal items.

For the riders seeking the ultimate thrill and wish to travel a bit further on their street bikes, they'll be happy to know that each of these bags will work together. Yes, you can use the saddlebags, tail bags, backpack and tank bags together for a more comfortable ride. Keep your maps stored in an easy-to-view clear pouch on the front of your bike, right where you can see where you're headed. Store your wallet and other personal items in your backpack, making them easily accessible yet close to your persona at all times. The saddlebags and tail bags can store the larger items such as extra riding gear, clothing and electronics, items that may not be needed at every waking moment but can be locked away. Viking wanted to ensure that riders could pack down their street bikes with as many as essentials as possibly needed, while maintaining a sleek, aerodynamic motorcycle.

No matter what type of street bike bags you've selected for your ride, we want you to know that we stand behind your commitment to our products. We know you'll love our Viking Bags products, but we're also offering you a 30-day money back guarantee on everything you buy. If you're not completely satisfied with the product you've chosen, we're offering you a full refund or exchange policy to help make you happier. We offer plenty of advice when it comes to select your product, so place anything in the shopping cart you wish to order and give us a call. After all, we're only satisfied when you are!

Choosing Your Street Bike Luggage

Unlike most other saddlebag applications, street bike saddlebags can make or break the appearance of the motorcycle in one fell swoop. Because street bikes rely on such a modernized, sleek and sporty aesthetic by design, finding the right saddlebag can be downright difficult. Fortunately for you, we've found a collection of street bike saddlebags that not only outperform the competition in functionality, they also mimic the appearance of today's most attractive sport bikes. Viking features a full lineup of saddlebags for multiple purposes, motorcycles and occasions, so every type of street bike rider can find exactly what they need. Take a look at our collection here on these pages and you'll find all the specifications listed for each model. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us!

To start with your selection of street bike saddlebags, you must ask yourself a few questions to eliminate what bags you don't need. How far will you be traveling with your new bags? If you're a long-distance traveler and need a bit of extra protection in the face of extreme conditions, a hard saddlebag would be preferable over a soft, leather saddlebag. Although soft, leather saddlebags are quite resilient to weather such as rain and snow, a hard saddlebag – constructed of fiberglass – will be that much more powerful for your stored goods.

How much luggage will you be hauling on a daily basis? We feature a full lineup of small, medium and large saddlebags for street bikes, so determining what size and internal storage is needed can help you determine which bags will fit best. Of course, no matter which size of saddlebags you select, you can rest easy knowing that each was designed to fit perfectly with your street bike. You won't need to cut or remove any rear features of your bike, save for maybe the tail lights. In that case, you might need a tail light relocation kit from our online inventory of accessories, allowing you to better customize the mount of your new saddlebags on the bike.

Viking includes many features that you'll find on common hard street saddlebags, but the difference is quite noticeable in terms of quality in an affordable product. Chrome polished buckles help riders easily access the interior contents, while a waterproof exterior construction helps keep the interior contents safe from harmful weather. Additionally, an innovative locking mechanism is included with many of the street bike saddlebags you'll find in this inventory, preventing loss and theft while riders find themselves far away from home. You can never be too careful!

Mounting hardware and instructions are included with every purchase of a street bike saddlebag, so riders need not worry about fooling with difficult pieces that might not fit their specific saddlebag model. This $100 value gives riders the ability to not only install their saddlebags easily, but it also gives riders a quick and stable connection. No matter how much experience the rider may have, Viking Bags has made it a perfect match for all.

We're confident that you'll absolutely love the saddlebags in our online collection, because our street bike Viking Bags are built to outlast their expectations. Likewise, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our saddlebags, just to ensure your satisfaction after ordering. If you need to return or exchange any of the saddlebags you order from us, we'll happily offer you a full refund or exchange at any time during the 30 day grace period. We'll even help you find a perfect replacement if needed, because we know our inventory front and back. So what are you waiting for? It's time to order your next saddlebags!

Street Sports Bike Tail Bags

For riders who may wish to just store some extra clothing or need a durable bag for their work items, the street sports bike tail bags makes a perfect partner for many different riders. Constructed of heavy-duty Cardura materials, these tail bags can withstand the pressures of harsh riding and even harsher weather conditions. Once you take a look inside the bags featured in this lineup, you'll see that soft, durable fabric helps keep all of your valuable items safe. Flex buckles have also been added to the exterior for a bit of extra strength when it's needed most, so you can really push the limits of body and motorcycle. Viking went the extra step when planning the design of these bags, because they look great and protect everything stored inside!

Aerodynamically designed and extremely lightweight, riders will appreciate the fine attention to detail that Viking put into their tail bags. When you're on the road and need to carry your personal items, there should be no reason why you have to sacrifice the pleasures of cornering and speed. Reflective piping also keeps riders safe, because it improves visibility on the bike in low light situations. Although these bags are available in a few different sizes and shapes, each one is built to reflect the strength and versatility of Viking Bags

Viking constructed these bags to work well in a number of different scenarios. For first-time saddlebag purchasers, there's no second guessing when ordering, because Viking Bags took every Dyna application into consideration. Right out of the box, these dyna hard bags fit your motorcycle better than you could ever imagine. And with installation hardware and instructions available with every purchase, buyers don't have to worry about mounting these bags on their motorcycle.

Motorcycle Luggage Bag Just For Your Bike

From the Dyna Low Rider and the Dyna Super Glide to the Wide Glide, Street Bob and Fat Bob, the motorcycle saddlebags you'll find in this selection have a universal fit specifically for Harley Davidson saddlebags. We understand that some riders may wish to move their saddlebags between motorcycles or use multiple sets for their one bike, so we've given you more choices for your Dyna motorcycle.

Just like all of our products, these Motorcycle saddlebags for Dyna Models come with a guaranteed 30-day money back policy for your convenience. If you find that the saddlebags are not big enough or simply want your money back, we'll be happy to provide you with a full refund or help you exchange for a better solution. That's our promise to you, because we don't rest until you're fully satisfied. If you have any questions about any particular products, we'll be glad to help find you the best saddlebag for your Harley® Dyna motorcycle.

Viking constructed these bags to work well in a number of different scenarios. For first-time saddlebag purchasers, there's no second guessing when ordering, because Viking Bags took every Dyna application into consideration. Right out of the box, these dyna hard bags fit your motorcycle better than you could ever imagine. And with installation hardware and instructions available with every purchase, buyers don't have to worry about mounting these bags on their motorcycle.

Useful features such as a detailed organizer, an attachable shoulder strap for off-bike transportation, rain cover and a built-in bungee cord make these street sports bike tail bags quite adaptable in a number of different situations. Viking doesn't cut any corners and pays attention to every square inch of these tail bags, because sports bike riders are a rare breed that can't use every type of luggage bag that other riders can. Additionally, carry handles pair with the shoulder strap to make these bags extremely useful off the bike, as well. Need an extra gym bag? Look no further!

If you have any problems with the products you've purchased from us, we'll be happy to help you sort it out. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our street sports bike tail bag we sell, so you don't have to get stuck with a product you can't use. Before ordering, you can always place an item in your cart and call us with your questions. When you're ready to return an item, you can also give us a call and discuss your next move. Your satisfaction is one of our highest priorities!