38L - Lamellar Vale Extra Large Shock Cut-out Honda Shadow 750 Aero Leather Covered Motorcycle Hard Saddlebags

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Fits Honda 750 Shadow Aero/ABS 2011-Current

Fits 53 Cans
Shock Cutout
Key Lockable
Free Hardware
Ships within 2 Days & 45 Day Returns
Fitment Note

You will need to relocate the turn-signals to install the bags using the included relocation kit.

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Black Lamellar Vale Hard Bags

The Viking Lamellar Vale Honda 750 Aero shock cutout saddlebags offer 2318 cubic inches of leather-wrapped storage, perfect for day rides. Designed for a tight, streamlined fit, these premium hard bags feature enhanced security with matching locks, durable metal mountings, a weather-tight seal to combat rain, an interior foam liner to prevent rattling, and rust-proof hinges for worry-free rides.


ABS Plastic

Dimensions (inches)

24" x 8" x 13" (L x W x H)

Lid Opening (inches)

20" x 7"

Turn-signal Relocation

Required (Included)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stephen C.
I have had mine now for a year and a half and FINALLY got them installed

I will say right up front that I went with a different option on rear turn signal relocation. I wanted a more "stock" look for the signals. Getting that changed out was a pain BUT was in no way related to the saddlebag instructions. Now, The installation does take some time and does take a couple of people to work together to do together. With that said, installation went fairly well and was far less complicated than my bike shop led me to beieve.

Once installed, they look amazing! One suggestion however, the instructions should say that thread lock is needed on the barrel connectors for inside the saddlebags. I have already lost one of them due to vibration and since put thread lock on all of the connectors. With the shock and exhaust cutouts, you have to be creative with the mounting supports to get a solid mount.

Rich W.
Awesome bags, worthless instructions and hardware.

I bought these bags for my wife’s Honda Shadow after doing extensive research for the best looking bags out there. I must say that the bags themselves are fantastic and look amazing on the bike. Very high quality. However, I agree with all the other reviews that the installation instructions were absolute garbage and the hardware useless. That was disappointing. My bike is a 2007 and by this point should have come with specific application instructions and hardware. This isn’t a new frame platform where Viking had to just now figure it out. For that reason alone, I give these bags 4 stars.

Timothy R.
Mounting system is lacking to

Mounting system is lacking to say the least. The bags themselves are fantastic.

Juan M.
A lot easier to carry stuffs

The bags are very convenient and you can carry a lot in there, especially for when my wife comes with me! :joy:
I wish there was a better instruction to move the blinkers, but other than that everything was good! No regrets at all.

Arthur L.
Bags 10; Install dance 3

Bags are great. Straight forward installation of bags taking less than an hour to complete. The brackets seemed a bit long for the bags and required a sharp angle to allow for them to fit within the contours of exhaust-pipe cut-outs.

While including a turn signal bracket was a nice gesture with my Honda Shadow spec'd bags, instructions were negligible and focusing entirely on Harley Davidson parts and configurations. Even the Viking install video was produced mysteriously low on both lighting and details which makes sense upon discovering the the parts were sized and drilled for HD hardware.

After much examining and experimentation, I managed to use the bracket for my Honda Shadow by drilling appropriately placed wire and stabilizing peg holes. I cannot be sure but I believe the bracket fit best backwards from the instructions. The simple one or two line explanation belied the complexity of wire extension and rerouting. The finished product looks sharp after I disassembled much of the bike aft of engine, drilled side access holes in the taillight assembly, used covers & rubber grommets for the exposed wire sets, and routed wiring inside the fender to the newly drilled hole in the fender side. Overall, a fine installation even if it added 3-4 hours to the project.

Yes, the bag install is a simple afternoon project. But suggesting that relocating the turn signals in preparations for the bad install is also a straight forward task is either disingenuous or the result of Viking having a room full of gear-heads and rebuild enthusiasts designing and testing. It was reminiscent of American cars from the 80's and 90's seemingly designed by engineers who must not have ever changed a fan-belt or oil filter. Your website suggests you strive to be better than that. This fumble sets you at 4 stars only (even if you challenged me to be creative in my solutions).

AND... all that said, my wife thinks the bags and the install look great on the bike.