26L - Essential Side Pocket Large Honda Rebel 300 Shock Cutout Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

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Fits Rebel 300/ABS 2017 - Current

Fits 36 Cans
Shock Cutout
Key Lockable
Free Hardware
Ships within 2 Days & 45 Day Returns

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Black Essential Side Pocket Leather Bags

The Viking Essential Honda Rebel 300 leather saddlebags are durable and key-lockable, offering 1586 cubic inches of storage for daily rides. Designed with a specific shock cutout, they can be hard or throw-over mounted. The bags come with reinforced structures and a complimentary metal mounting kit. Weather-sealed Velcro protects contents, and a 30-day full refund policy ensures customer satisfaction.



Dimensions (inches)

20" x 7" x 11.5" (L x W x H)

Lid Opening (inches)

12" x 6"

Turn-signal Relocation

Not Needed

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Price
Good bags with detail-thin instructions...

TL;DR - Bags are well-made and look great, but don't expect explicit installation instructions.

Just bought my first bike last week (Honda Rebel 300 ABS) and got these bags for it. Bags are well-made and look great. The instructions for installation, however, are pretty scant on details. Got the right bag on with a little trouble (had to use multiple spacers and an extra washer to get it snug against the fender), but it looked good against the bike.

Thought the left side would be easier since I "figured out" the installation with the right side. Boy, was I wrong. ended up cross-threading the rear bolt in the fender. Now I have to take everything to the Honda dealer and see if they can fix it and get it mounted.

Word of advice: unless you are VERY comfortable "tooling around" with things (more than just basic handyman type stuff), I would just spend the extra money and have them professionally installed. Not worth messing up the bike.

For Viking: First, please include installation instructions with better details for the bikes as they come from the factory. If owners are mounting these on heavily modded bikes, they should be able to figure out how to modify the instructions. New motorcycle owners would really appreciate it. Second, having the bags pre-drilled for mounting on factory bikes with the appropriate clearances for the stock muffler, etc., would also be desirable. Optional parts for "custom" installations (e.g. to fill in the pre-drilled holes) would be a plus, but again, experienced owners should be able to figure it out if they want to customize the installation. Third, the included spacers should match the mounting brackets (i.e. either both painted or both bare metal). It would be more aesthetically pleasing.

Really looking forward to having both bags mounted on the bike, as I do think they look really good. Once all is fixed I'll try to come back and post pics.

Love my new bags

The went on super easy and they look soooo good :blush:

Susan J.
Awesome bags

I love my bags this is the 2nd set I have bought from you.. and if I get another bike ill by another set from you..

Nicole S.

These bags are heavy duty and can hold a lot of weight. Much room inside and the shape doesn’t bend at all. Comes with the hardware too! The installation is a little tricky, we decided to ask for a helping hand, but besides that, it’s such a great buy!! Got it for the 2021 Honda Rebel 300.

Charles C.
Very good quality bags that

Very good quality bags that look good on my 2022 Honda Rebel 300. The directions were the poorest and about as good as none. Luckily there were pix on YouTube that helped.