Application for Viking Bags Wholesale Account

At Viking Bags, we see the role of motorcycle luggage to be an extension of the bike itself. The perfect luggage should seamlessly integrate into the look and feel of the bike while remaining highly functional.

Viking Bags continually strives to bring you motorcycle luggage that meets the unique needs of riders today. Our innovative solutions to these obstacles, such as built in locks and quick-disconnect mounting systems, have kept Viking Bags in demand.

We are relentlessly trying make it easy for our customers to have adequate storage on their bike by rigorously testing, modifying, and improving our products. If we wanted to simply make motorcycle luggage that didn’t bring anything new to the table, we would be like so many other companies out there. That’s not what we’re about.

In a busy market where it’s easy to get lost in the noise, we knew from the get go that innovation was going to be what kept our engines running.

Collaboration is key—Viking Bags is committed to making great products and putting them into the hands of our customers and onto the shelves of our partners. Join us in our mission to carve out a space in the motorcycle industry for motorcycle luggage that excites.

If you are applying for a wholesale account, please email us your business information and Tax ID number. Proof of business is required, you can send us your store physical address and photos (inside the store and outside the building). Your wholesale account will be authorized by our wholesale department before you are able to view wholesale pricing. Approval of your wholesale account will be emailed to the address you provide in the registration info.


If you are a California business, please mail us a copy of your California Resale Certificate.


Wholesale Program currently only available in United States. Viking Bags hopes to expand it's operation in the near future!