Event Sponsorships

We, at Viking Bags, have a strong tradition of supporting the motorcycle community through various sponsorships and charitable efforts. This commitment is especially evident in our involvement with events that benefit veterans, cancer research fundraisers, and motorcycle rallies across the country. Viking Bags takes pride in backing motorcycle rallies that serve as pivotal gatherings for enthusiasts, offering both a platform for camaraderie and significant fundraising opportunities for various causes. For veterans, Viking Bags has shown tremendous support by sponsoring events aimed at honoring their service and assisting with their needs, recognizing the profound sacrifices made by military personnel. Additionally, we have actively contributed to cancer research fundraisers, understanding the critical importance of supporting efforts to combat a disease that affects so many lives. Through these sponsorships, Viking Bags not only reinforces its dedication to the motorcycle community but also exemplifies its commitment to making a positive impact on society by supporting meaningful causes.

Sponsorship Request

Holding an event or a fundraiser?

If you are holding an event and are looking for a sponsor, feel free to reach out to discuss possibility of a sponsorship by us.

Sponsored Events

We are proud to be have sponsored events organized by these organizations and the wonderful people who make it possible.