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Motorcycle Yamaha Road Star Solo Bags

Yamaha Road Star Solo Bags

Yamaha Road Star Solo Bags

The Yamaha (Star) Road Star is pretty much road trip ready out of the box. Many of the luggage options that we have for cruiser motorcycles – Won't apply to the road star because many come equipped ready for road trips with its own saddlebags from the factory. We know it's sometimes stressful to split lane in the forward thinking states that allow it. That's why we try to reduce the stress of this by adding Solo bags to our Yamaha Road Star motorcycle offerings. Viking Bags has quickly risen to be the Motorcycle Luggage Experts trusted by many. We've made a name for ourselves starting with Harley Davidson and are now expanding our horizons to include all motorcycles. As Men, We're all picky.

Viking Solo Bags for Yamaha Road Star Motorcycles

We know exactly what we want deep down inside, that's why we don't question your own judgement. If you don't want saddlebags on your Yamaha Road Star. Who are we to disagree with you? Achieving a slimmer profile isn't a problem with solo bags. Viking developed our Solo bags to be the best on the market. We researched the solo bags and decided what we wanted – High capacity, rigid construction, and locking. We achieved all of those goals with our current line of Solo Bags. We also developed critical mounting hardware to ensure good fitment for particular bikes. That way you don't need to worry about your bags while riding on the go.