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Motorcycle Yamaha Raider & Startoliner Solo Bags

Yamaha Stratoliner/Raider Solo Bags

Yamaha Stratoliner/Raider Solo Bags

The Yamaha Stratoliner is every long distance tour dream. It has the option to come fully loaded with hard saddlebags and is comfortable and ready to kick down miles straight from the factory. However, we know the importance of having different motorcycle luggage options for your bike. Depending on what your trip needs and where you're going – It could be a good idea to travel light. If you're traveling to remote camp sites, it's probably not the best idea to load your bike down with saddlebags and other heavy gear. Since you'll have other luggage like sissy bar bags, it would be a great idea to slim down the profile of your bike with a Solo Bag. Adding a Solo Bag can be beneficial in helping you squeeze in those hard to fit spots when traveling around town.

Viking Solo Bags for Yamaha Stratoliner/Raider Motorcycles

Not everyone can afford having multiple bikes, you know... a Track Bike, A street bike, a dirt bike, and the list just can go on. Viking Bags has motorcycle luggage experts ready to advise you if you're stuck on the fence with any particular solo bag. We know that it's difficult to make the decision so we've created a customer photo gallery where you can see other bikes with particular products of ours. This is especially helpful for those who want to see how something might look in real life. As always, our Viking Solo bags always are made with the top quality materials and have an industry leading warranty and full backing.