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Victory Swing Arm Bags

Victory swing arm bags

Victory Swing Arm Bags

The best thing about the Victory swing arm bags is that they offer extra storage without taking any extra space on the bike. Add that extra stylish factor that is intrinsic to this style, your bike’s appearance can change dramatically overnight. These smart and compact bags are attached to the lower end sides beneath the seats. While most are made to fit the left side, with Viking Bags you can customize your purchase and opt for both sides. The ergonomic design makes it possible to fit them into these sides snug and tight. The usual danger of the bags dislodging or coming off in a hurry is not the case here. From now on speeding through rough roads is a definitely less of a worry and more of a pleasure.

All Victory swing arm bags boast a sturdy and strong construction. Made from a combination of Viking leather, fiberglass and ABS plastic there is increases durability all the way. The amazing thing about these materials is that there are not just hardy but also completely weatherproof. The naturally resistant outer layers keep moisture and heat at bay which in turn makes it easy for these bags to be used in any climate. Along with these hard cover there are metal framing all around which keeps the bags erect and help absorb the shocks from the road. As a result, these stay in shape and look as good as new for ages.

Vikingbags' Swingarm Bags for Victory Motorcycles


Fine Quality Hard Leather Swingarm Bag for Victory Models

Presence of chrome plated buckles with quick release technology make opening and closing the Victory swing arm bags very easy. There are also easily detachable brackets that make it super easy to tie these down to the bikes or take them off whenever needed. You can shift these to other bikes as well since these brackets are universal in nature. If you want to convert them into a carry-on you can do so in a jiffy and use the additional shoulder strap included for this purpose. For such a small product, it is packed with features that will only provide comfort and ease all the way. All users can expect maximum ease of use all the way.

The buckles and built-in locks have are placed under the Velcro flaps which provide an additional layer of protection. These keep easy theft at bay and also block out debris quite effectively. The internal storage pocket includes a hollow middle with some pockets on the side, a design that offers neatness even in a small space. Packed with all these amazing features one would think that the Victory swing arm bags are expensive. On the contrary they are very reasonably priced and come with a money back option for all buyers, within 30 days of purchase.