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Motorcycle Victory Kingpin Solo Bags

Victory Kingpin Solo Bags

The Victory Kingpin was one of the first offerings from Victory when they were first introduced in 1997. Since then, we’ve developed Victory Kingpin Motorcycle Luggage and Solo bags. Whether you're looking to travel a short distance or go cross country, you'll want to be properly prepared. We know that a majority of riders enjoy saddlebags but sometimes they're not the right luggage for the job. You want to be able to have the option to downsize and go low profile when needed. Being able to squeeze into smaller parking spaces is very convenient when needed. Viking Bags has continued to bring new motorcycle luggage options for every bike out. We have great selection of solo bags for the Victory Kingpin. Whether you're trying to stick with the classic cruiser look and ride off into the sunset.

Viking Solo Bags for Victory Kingpin Motorcycles

Solo bags are useful for mounting on the side of your swing arm and carry just enough for you to free up your pockets for comfortable rides. It's important to pay attention to details like these when it's the comfort of the ride at risk. Viking Bags has quickly become the industry leader when it comes to motorcycle luggage, saddlebags and solo bags. We've committed time and money to R&D to developing solo bags that are the best on the market. We've become industry leaders in terms of warranty and innovation – Our Solo bags are the only bags on the market which offer locking options to help secure your personal belongings when you're away from your bike.