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Victory Fork Bags

Victory Fork Bags

Some products grow more popular every day and the Victory fork bags are one of them. Unlike other products, these don’t use synthetic materials but real cowhide leather to make a hardy exterior. To this, the manufacturers have combined fiberglass and an ABS plastic back to add extra strength and hardiness. The full metal piping on all sides help keep these bags erect and in shape for a very long time. This is a very important feature for these bags for they are located in a place that receives a considerable amount of jolts and shocks. With the Viking Bags however one can expect 100% road shock assurance, ensuring complete protection of both the bags and their contents.

The outer layer is not just hardy and stylish but also completely weatherproof. The use of top quality Viking leather ensures UV protection and waterproofing which means that one can ride across terrains and seasons without any fear or worry. These Victory fork bags have sturdy Velcro flaps above the buckles and the built-in locks, adding an extra layer of security. They can be easily attached to the fork tubes with the help brackets and stay secure in place with the hook-and-loop closure straps. These brackets are detachable which means one can detach them as easily and carry the bags as portable luggage whenever needed.

Vikingbags' Fork Bags for Victory Motorcycles


Top Rated Hard Leather Fork Bag for Victory Models

All Victory fork bags come equipped with a top carry handle which makes carrying them super easy. The universal nature of these brackets makes them a good fit for all kinds of bikes. Since they are placed up front, they make for a perfect storage space for myriad items one may need to carry on the road. Usually used as extra storage, they make reaching smaller goods in times of need quick and easy. The high-quality chrome fasteners keep them secure and are rust proof which is good news for heavy duty usage. The meshed interiors, multiple pockets and the padding inside are all stitched with heavy duty thread that is not only waterproof but also hard to break. There is complete protection and safety for goods all the time.

The popularity of the Victory fork bags is not just for their longevity and strength but also for their style and easy functionality. They look as good as new for a very long time and perform just as well, offering every user more value for their money. They come with free hardware and installation instructions that make setting them up an easy job for anyone. One would think that all these features would make these bags expensive. But on the contrary, they are extremely affordable and also come with money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.