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Triumph Trunks

Triumph trunks

Triumph Trunks

Trunks are the ideal solution for high volume motorcycle storage when optimal resilience is a key requirement. Positioned at the back of the bike, well out of the way of the rider, trunks for Triumph motorcycles are convenient and functional, while causing minimal restrictions to the space and movement of those riding the bike. They can be used as the sole luggage solution or alternatively in combination with other types of motorcycle luggage such as saddlebags or tank bags. The hard shell construction of our Triumph trunks makes them incredibly resilient and resistant to even the harshest conditions, and one of the best options when it comes to providing your belongings with the best possible protection and security.

As with all Viking luggage, our selection of the Triumph trunks features an impressively high quality construction that raises these products above and beyond similar products on the market. The exteriors feature hard shells that cannot sag or burst at the seams, and is completely resistant to the elements. No rider relishes the though of riding in bad conditions, but on those unavoidable occasions, the contents of these trunks for Triumph motorcycles will remain untouched and completely guarded against rain, snow, sleet, hail and anything else mother nature may have in store. They provide optimal strength and durability, and are a very effective long-term storage solution. Some users favour trunks over other types of storage and therefore keep it mounted to the bike for daily commuting use. They are also however an excellent choice for long distance journeys due to the large volume they have to offer and work particularly well with saddlebags, allowing you to really load up the bike.

Vikingbags' Trunks for Triumph Motorcycles


Prime Quality Hard Leather Trunk for Triumph Models

The hard and sturdy outer construction is not the only thing going for these bags and in actual fact they are packed full of useful features and innovative design perks. The exteriors for example are not only heavy duty but also lightweight in order to avoid adding excessive weight to your ride. Polished chrome finishes are used on items such as buckles and racks for an attractive finish that is also rust proof and made to last. Organisational pockets and compartments make it easier to arrange and store your belongings. Our selection of Triumph trunks offers great variety with regards to size, shape and general aesthetics in order to meet all practical requirements and stylistic preferences. From simple and sophisticated to classic and stylish, we offer an excellent choice of products.

Security is also optimal with use of our Triumph trunks, as each and every one is fitted with an innovative locking system and comes with a personal key that allows access only to you. These carefully designed and constructed trunks for Triumph motorcycles look great and are highly functional, and we are so sure that you will love the addition to your motorcycle that we offer a full money back guarantee to all customers who are anything but 100% satisfied.