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Triumph Tail Bags

Triumph tail bags

Triumph Tail Bags

Tail bags come in a great range of shapes and sizes, which means you will always be able to fund the most suitable one for you and your Triumph. Tail bags offer an excellent advantage over more traditional motorcycle luggage such as saddlebags, in that they are generally much more subtle and a lot less bulky and cumbersome. Triumph tail bags are designed to be aerodynamic and to flatter and complement the line and curves of the bike rather than detract from them. They still however are able to hold a decent volume of items, which makes them excellent for a range of applications including long distance rides and daily commutes.

Our Triumph tail bags can be used along with saddlebags to give you some valuable added storage space for those really long trips and vacations or alternatively can be used as a stand alone piece. Whatever combination of motorcycle luggage you choose, rest assured that our tail bags for use with Triumph motorcycles offer the very best in quality from the highly functional design to the premium construction using high end materials. The bags sit comfortably and securely behind the rider, and use of our complementary mounting equipment will ensure that they hold steady throughout. We also understand the importance of convenience, which is why each and every one of our bags can be easily detached and carried away upon arrival at your destination.

Vikingbags' Tail Bags for Triumph Motorcycles


Best Hard Leather Tail Bag for Triumph Models

Every day wear and tear is no issue with use of these Triumph tail bags as the Viking leather exteriors can withstand even the harshest of conditions. They are strong, sturdy and durable, and will provide a dependable storage solution for years to come. Unpredictable weather also doesn’t have to be a concern, because all of our bags are purposefully designed to resist wind, rain, sleet, snow and whatever else mother nature chooses to throw at you while out on the open road. Weather resistant leather, air tight Velcro pockets and additional rain covers are just a few of the methods used to keep your belongings safe and dry in these tail bags while riding your Triumph.

Our range of Triumph tail bags also provides you with excellent security and peace of mind in the form of our innovative locking system. This prevents anyone other than you from gaining access to these bags, but with use of the personal key provided you will have no trouble at all getting to your belongings when required. Each detail of these bags has been carefully thought our to make your journey easier and more enjoyable from the integration of lots of pockets, to adjustable straps and high strength buckles. If you find that anything at all doesn’t meet your expectations upon receiving your tail bag, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our 30-day money back guarantee is there for peace of mind so that you can shop in confidence.