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Motorcycle Backrests

Motorcycle Backrest & Sissy Bar Pads

Motorcycle Backrests
  • Specific Hardware Included
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  • Comfort Foam

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Features of Viking Bags Motorcycle Backrests

Viking Bags motorcycle backrests are made out of Viking leather and comfort foam, both soft and comfortable materials that help provide back support. While riding with a motorcycle backrest, you can lean back with your back staying straight, maintaining a healthy posture instead of having to slouch forward. You will not have to keep moving around in your seat or straightening your back often. Long-distance motorcycle trips will be less tedious since your relaxed seating position will help reduce fatigue. Though not as tough as steel, the Viking leather is difficult to tear and will stay in good condition even when drenched by heavy rainfall or buffeted by strong winds. Despite being a tough fabric, it is smooth to the touch. The comfort foam will compress and conform around the shape of your back when in use. It will expand and return to its original shape when you stop leaning against it.

Design of Viking Bags Motorcycle Backrests

Viking Bags’ aftermarket motorcycle backrests base their designs on solo motorcycle seats. They are built with either a rounded rectangular or crescent shape, with the Viking leather casing enveloping the comfort foam. The rectangular-shaped motorcycle backrests are flat to ensure maximum surface area presses against your back. Meanwhile, the crescent-shaped ones have a slight curve that wraps around your lower back. You can open the backrests for motorcycles to check on or switch out the comfort foam by pulling on the metal zipper. The standard motorcycle backrests have a smooth plain surface, but it is possible to get backrests with different stitch designs. Lining across the black surface of the cushion can be either a horizontal, vertical, or diamond stitch. The stitches not only look aesthetically appealing but the extra ridges and contours can add to the comfort of your motorcycle backrest. These backrests for motorcycles are designed to be attached to the center of motorcycle sissy bars thanks to the pair of chrome-plated universal mounting brackets, included mounting hardware, and installation instructions. This equipment is easy to install due to not requiring any large tools and easy to remove due to the quick-release detachable features.

Things to Keep in Mind About Viking Bags Motorcycle Backrests

Viking Bags’ motorcycle backrests come as separate cushions; they do not come with a frame or foundations to keep them in place. You must purchase a motorcycle sissy bar as well to be able to set up a motorcycle backrest. Make sure that the width of the space between the bars of the motorcycle sissy bar is compatible with the dimensions of your motorcycle backrest. Otherwise, they risk coming loose or constantly sliding down even when you have fully bolted on the mounting brackets. Also, while the comfort foam allows you to lean back into them, the motorcycle backrests do not recline like a car seat. They are fixed in place after you finish installation, leaving little to no room to adjust their position while your vehicle is in motion. Though the horizontal, vertical, and diamond stitch designs give the motorcycle backrests a more diverse look, there is not a lot of room for customization. Viking Bags’ aftermarket motorcycle backrests only come in black and cannot have complex designs stitched into the leather like skulls, text, etc.

Viking Bags Motorcycle Backrests Per Brand

Viking Bags specializes in creating standard and aftermarket motorcycle parts for motorcycles of different vehicle types and models from popular motorcycle companies like Harley Davidson, Honda, etc. It covers all the major vehicle types, including cruisers, sports, touring, and dirt bikes. Also, Viking Bags’ inventory is categorized to make it easier to find the motorcycle backrests specific to the model that you own. You are guaranteed reliable products carefully constructed with high-quality components and functions at an affordable price. Listed below are the motorcycle series that Viking Bags manufactures aftermarket motorcycle backrests for: