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Motorcycle Kawasaki Vulcan Solo Bags

Kawasaki Vulcan Solo Bags

Kawasaki Vulcan Solo Bags

The Vulcan is one of the most popular selling bikes in the United States. It's universally recognized for its easy going side profile and shape. One of the top selling cruiser motorcycles in the United States. Its ease of riding is no wonder why so many first time riders choose the Vulcan to start off on. Due to this, there's many available luggage options out there for this particular bike. You'll be happy to know that your bike has some of the best variety of motorcycle luggage from Viking Bags. We have saddle bags, solo bags, and sissy bar bags available for your particular bike. Finding the difference between different displacement and sized bikes like the Vulcan 1700 and 900 isn't hard when it comes to picking out luggage with us.

Viking Solo Bags for Kawasaki Vulcan Motorcycles

We're extremely knowledgeable when it comes to differences in the Vulcan lineup. Having been Vulcan owners previously – we know that the 1700 is the big boys’ toy and comes with saddlebags so you won't need any solo bags for that. However, for the 900s and the 750s, we'll be able to equip your bike with the latest solo bag. Our solo bags are specially made to withstand the test of gravel and dirt. We offer a variety of locking methods as well. We tested and found that the rigid construction of a solo bag would offer the most utility. Having a rigid design will allow you to pack the bags full and not worry about sagging and tearing when you hit a bump. We can't guarantee that it'll survive everything that you throw at it – We just can't be sure what trials you decide to put your bike through, but we're certain that our solo bags will do a good job storing your valuables.