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Motorcycle Kawasaki Mean Streak Solo Bags

Kawasaki Mean Streak Solo Bags

Kawasaki Mean Streak Solo Bags

Kawasaki is a legendary in the Motorcycle World. Having Kawasaki Mean streak solo bags is very important to improving the practicability of the motorcycle. The Kawasaki mean streak is a very powerful bike in the first place and the bad boy of the Vulcan family. It's the bad boy of the Kawasaki line up with the most power and for racing...1/4 mile at a time. Why would you need any luggage for a bike like this? Well, for one – It's always a good thing to have some practical uses for your bike. Being able to take your tools and lunch with you can give you a lot more riding time. More riding time means maximum value for everything that you're doing.

Viking Solo Bags for Kawasaki Mean Streak Motorcycles

Believe us, riding sport bikes is stressful for this reason. Not being able to take your water bottle or having to wear bulky motorcycle backpacks and luggage to slow you down. Don't take away from the side profile of your bike by adding saddlebags that'll increase the drag. Keep that 130mph top speed that you always get to brag about. We've even heard of stories where low quality saddlebags can't endure the drag and end up collapsing with all your valuables in it. Don't let that happen to you and get our original Solo bags. Viking Luggage experts are always ready to advise you on these issues. We control the entire manufacturing process so you can be assured you're not getting some rebranded knock off crap. Feel free to contact our Viking Motorcycle Luggage experts for more details and dimensions. Since it's our forte, we know little details like the clearance between different models.