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Motorcycle Kawasaki Eliminator Solo Bags

Kawasaki Eliminator Solo Bags

Kawasaki Eliminator Solo Bags

It's been a while since we've seen a good Kawasaki Eliminator on the streets. It's no wonder why we carry the Kawasaki Eliminator Solo Bags – It's such an iconic cruiser that's been around for so long. Since its introduction in 1985, it's been one of the easiest choices to make in the Kawasaki cruiser line up. It's since been long discontinued since 1998 but it still isn't hard to spot. It was one of the most iconic power cruiser motorcycle offerings of the 1980s. We know that it's a struggle to continue and keep your Kawasaki Eliminator maintained and running properly. That's why we try to take out some of the mystery of finding proper motorcycle luggage for your eliminator. It's a compact and nimble bike that's why it’s important to keep the side profile of the bike. Viking Bags is based in California. If you're a motorcycle rider, you'll understand the importance of this because we're one of the few states that allow lane filtering/splitting.

Viking Solo Bags for Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycles

Adding Clunky saddlebags will eliminate (Get the pun, we're funny here too :D) the ease and convenience of lane splitting. That's why we have the highest quality OEM Solo bags available. If our OEM quality motorcycle saddlebags and sissy bar bags don't do the trick for your storage and traveling needs – Rest assured that our variety of solo bags for the Kawasaki Eliminator will. Eliminate any doubt and conquer any concerns that you might have with our very helpful customer photo gallery. We have photos available of our various solo bags mounted on different bikes to show how the fitment and look can be. Like many other riders, we like to be thorough when running through scenarios of what can happen. There's always unexpected obstacles when we ride, stay prepared and have a solo bag for emergencies, you can keep tire patches and tools so you don't end up stranded for ride.