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Indian Trunks

Indian motorcycle trunk bags

Indian Trunks

There come times when bikers ride through harsh terrains across the country and their luggage compartments become damaged instantly. Now in such a case, it is advisable that you go for motorcycle bags that can withstand the harsh terrain and get you through without even presenting a single damaged scar. The best model that suits these types of riders is the motorcycle trunks. We at Vikingbags have invested heavily, when it comes to ensuring all our Indian motorcycle trunks offer the much-required storage solution. We even go a step forward to offer durability. You can get an Indian motorcycle trunk bag today and position it on your ride and keep all your precious valuables, as well as other goods safe on the go. The good thing is that you will enjoy a variety of options to choose from, whether you want a small trunk bag, medium-sized one, or larger bag that can hold more goods. Apart from this we have other types of saddlebags including: Sissy Bar Bags, Tank Bags, Swing Arm Bags, Back packs and other diverse types of cruiser luggage that you can use while on the go.

There are many types of Indian language bags that are available today. For this particular model, you don’t just get one style or design, no! We offer you a wide range of Trunk bags just to ensure your style is met. Whether you prefer sleek, classically designed, tall, or low profile trunks bags, we got you covered. One thing that makes us stand out is that we offer top-notch quality luggage compartments to our esteemed customers. For this case you will get high quality synthetic leather, as well as ABS-reinforced plastic mounding just to ensure your Indian trunk bag can serve you for many years without showing any signs of wearing out. This means that no matter where you wish to take your bike, you will not worry about a convenient place to keep your stuff and have them in place until you reach your desired destination. In snowy conditions, rainy weather, and harsh sun – you name it: Vikings Indian motorcycle trunks will withstand the weather.

Vikingbags' Trunks for Indian Motorcycles


Prime Quality Hard Leather Trunk for Indian Models

Safety is a major consideration, when selecting the best Indian luggage bags that will suit you needs. As much as the construction material is great and durable, you will want a model that you can keep your valuables locked in a safe place, even when you are not around to keep an eye on your bike. It’s for this reason that we at Vikingbags have decided to include a locking system, where you are given a key with every trunk bag you buy to keep your goods safe from thieves. This basically means that you can keep anything you want; close up your Indian trunk bag when you are away. What’s more the pockets are made of hard shell and fiberglass construction to ensure the security of your valuables is boosted greatly. We know what passionate riders want, and therefore offer them nothing short of that. Contact us today for the best Indian motorcycle trunks bags in the market!