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Hyosung Trunks

hyosung trunk bags

Hyosung Trunks

Finding Motorcycle Trunks that fit your particular bike is sometimes a difficult task. Hyosung Motorcycle Trunks are one of the specialty niche products that we've developed just for the brand. We know that certain situations require a motorcycle trunk that is lockable. This is convenient for leaving things stored with your bike. You can conveniently leave valuables and other tools with your bike without fearing for theft. Choose from important features like hard mounting options and rear lights. Make sure that the trunks match with the style of your Hyosung GV250 by choosing from our wide variety of trunk finishes as well.

Vikingbags' Trunks for Hyosung Motorcycles


Prime Quality Hard Leather Trunk for Hyosung Models

We're firm believers of offering the highest quality product here at Viking bags. We go through rigorous stress testing with all of our bags to ensure durability on the road. We have a wide variety and selection of motorcycle trunks for your Hyosung here at Viking Bags. You don't need to shop around with other retailers and pay a higher substantial fee. We're the direct retailer and able to lower our costs without sacrificing service and quality. If you have any questions regarding the fitment of specific motorcycle trunk on your bike, contact any of our Viking Luggage experts today. You can even combine the usage of our Viking Motorcycle trunks with any of our sissy bar bags, roll bags and saddlebags.