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Hyosung Swing Arm Bags

hyosung swing arm bags

Hyosung Swing Arm Bags

Adding Hyosung Swing Arm bags to our bike can be the best decision you ever make. It's one of the rare things you can add to your Hyosung Cruiser and keep it looking good. The side profile is very important when you're going to split lanes. Let’s also face it, Your Hyosung GV250 looks a lot better without being bogged down with clunky looking luggage and other hardware. You don't want to go with any other companies swing arm bags because they won't have the same rigid and secure mounting set up. You don't want the bags to sag so you'll appreciate our rigid construction. We tirelessly tested our swing arm bags to ensure their reliability. With over a decade of experience in the Motorcycle Luggage industry, we've become the leading experts. Don't settle with lesser brands who are less knowledgeable.

Vikingbags' Swingarm Bags for Hyosung Motorcycles


Fine Quality Hard Leather Swingarm Bag for Hyosung Models

If you have the pleasure of owning the newest Hyosung ST7, we also have the latest swing arm bags for that particular bike. Not all swing arms bags are created equally so don't fall for the trap of paying more for lesser products. Since we're riders ourselves, we'll be able to tell you first-hand how convenient it is to have a swing arm bag for your phone, wallet, and house keys. If you’re anything like us, comfort is one of the most important things of a ride. We ride to escape the reality of our stressful 9-5 and even nagging kids (We love our kids, but we'll admit it.). You don't want to slow down your bike other luggage, and we know that sometimes it's uncomfortable to ride on the highway with your motorcycle backpack on. The swing arm bag is perfect for the daily commuter who doesn't need to bring too much with him. Get your Swing arm bag now from us.