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Hyosung Luggage

motorcycle hyosung luggage

Motorcycle Hyosung Luggage

A relatively new entrant to the motorcycle industry, it hasn’t taken long for this South Korean company to make a name for itself fast. Today, more riders are opting for Hyosung bikes which promise more speed and lighter body that most others in the market. Along with this rising popularity there is also a simultaneous rise in demand for Hyosung luggage. In a very short time, the brand has established itself for its quality and state of the art delivery in all aspects of its functions. The same quality has been transferred on to its accessories, the standard scrutinized very closely and maintained well.

Vikingbags' Luggage for Hyosung Motorcycles

Perhaps, that’s the reason why only a few reputed retailers have the privilege of marketing and selling motorcycle Hyosung luggage today. The parent brand has made it clear that will only partner with companies that show the same level of quality assurance and dedication to customer satisfaction. Viking Bags is one of those few names to house the accessories under this brand, making it a coveted brand for motorcycle enthusiasts in turn. With the high end products available here, buyers can expect excellent performance as well as longevity from all. Once they have invested in any of these, they will enjoy great value for a long time.

Top Notch Hard Leather Luggage for Hyosung Models

Before we take a closer look at the products themselves, it is important to know why the Hyosung luggage brand has become so well-known so fast, particularly those available under the Viking Bags banner. The main reasons for this include the high end materials used, like Viking leather, fiberglass or ABS plastic, which are then lined with canvas and rubber to make them completely weatherproof. The other is the excellent research, design and manufacturing process that ensure that the products are crafted well and made to last long. More than anything they have been built to facilitate riding and travelling all the way.

Other than their excellent saddlebags, there are many products that mark the luggage for Hyosung motorcycles quality as well. Among these the tank and tail bags are quite popular. While the former is hooked onto the fuel tanks of the bikes, the latter is usually attached to the tail or rear of the bike. Each in its own way offers a large amount of storage space, no matter which size one opts for. They are more compact than the other luggage and make an excellent supporting storage option. Hardy and yet flexible, these bags are as good for daily as they are for longer road trips.

Then there are the special tool bags and trunks made with the Hyosung bikes in mind. This means that unlike other similar products these are lighter in weight and have more shock absorbing powers. In fact, this is true of all Hyosung motorcycle luggage because they have to withstand the speed and pressure of hard roads and rough weather that these bikes are known to go into. The propensity to use these bikes for racing events or simply thrilling adventures has made it imperative that the bags make great road partners. While the trunks provide a hardy shell to house all delicate items, the special tool bags are known to be convenient and protective.

Next in the line of popularity are the sissy bar bags, roll and the swing arm bags. Most riders like to buy any one of these but the beauty of Viking products is that they are compact enough to be used in unison. The same is true of their Hyosung luggage category that has opened up new opportunities for storage for all riders, and not for those riding Hyosung bikes. The presence of a universal bracket means that these bags can be attached to any brand of motorcycle easily, increasing their popularity all the more. Since there is the option to carry multiple luggage without obstructing leg space, users can now keep their belongings neat and organized.

The versatility of motorcycle luggage for Hyosung is also manifested in the extended range of products that include the fork bags, handlebar and windshield bags. As the names themselves suggest, these bags are meant to be attached to the fork of the front bars, the handlebars of the bike and the windshields respectively. Naturally, they are smaller and lighter than other accessories but are specially built to hold smaller and frequently used items neatly and safely. Finally, there are the heavy duty backpacks that have become synonymous with strength and quality today. With multiple compartments and a hardy exterior these offer ample storage space that keeps all goods well protected round the year.