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Honda Trunks

honda trunks

Honda Trunks

While most trunks in the market are made of plastic, Viking Bags have once again outdone all others with a unique combination of leather, plastic and fiberglass for their Honda trunks. The leather hails from the Viking brand itself, a stamp of quality that would be difficult to get anywhere else. So what does this winning combo really mean? It means that here you will get a product that will not just look smart and stylish but will last longer than most others in the market. Moreover, these are designed to offer maximum ease of use so they can beat their competition hands down in terms of functionality as well. Meant to be an all-rounder, these bags have won the hearts of user the world over.

Sturdy and strong, the Honda motorcycle trunks from brand Viking have been built to withstand all kinds of road shocks easily. The plastic back is supported with tensile nylon strength to make them absorb these shocks well so that they can not only protect the contents but also prevent sagging for years. Layer of canvas is also added to the hard shell so that they contents can remain dry and protected against all kinds of onslaughts that the weather can bring. So now Honda riders are free to ride through any kind of terrain and brave the elements with new strength because they no longer have to worry about their luggage. These features have added to the popularity of not just this product, but other Viking offers as well.

Vikingbags' Trunks for Honda Motorcycles


Prime Quality Hard Leather Trunk for Honda Models

When we talk of all-around security it is not just the protection from the elements that we are talking about. Viking made Honda trunks are equipped with the best of security systems as well. One has the option of a regular mini padlock and key of course. But more and more users are opting for the advanced model that has a built in lock system, operable by code or special keys. Naturally, these are harder to breach or break into making them so much safer. Risks of theft and sudden or accidental openings are a thing of the past now. So whether you want to carry them with you or leave them behind on the bike, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your luggage either ways.

The bags also sport other marvelous features like the chrome buckles that looks so good and help keep the contents cinched in. Along with detachable brackets then ensure that the trunks for Honda motorcycles are easy to attach or detach from the racks whenever needed. These brackets are also universal in nature which means one can attach these trunks to other bikes as well. It is this kind of flexibility along with the affordability that has contributed to the rising demand for these products today.