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Motorcycle Harley Softail Solo Bags

Harley Softail Solo Bags

Harley Softail Solo Bags

Who doesn't like a Softail? One of the easiest bikes to ride. We started out on one of these bad boys. Harley offers a great variety of different Harley Softails. Whether you're looking to ride on a softail slim or a classic looking Softail deluxe. There's plenty of Viking Solo bags for you to choose from. We know that it's hard to pick what kind of solo bag to mount on your Softail, especially since there's that signature double exhaust that makes the Softail so easily spotted. There's different types of solo bags and styles that'll match your particular bike. While the Softail family has many different models inside it, not all are the same. That's why we particularly like the variety in the Softail line up. They offer the diversity of being able to tour as well as a simple grocery trip. Adding Saddlebags to these particular bikes would be like adding heavy weights to your legs. It just wouldn't feel the same.

Viking Solo Bags for Harley-Davidson Softail Motorcycles

Sure you'll get used to it but the added weight is definitely not a comfortable feeling. Adding some saddlebags will slow you down, it'll be like throwing out a parachute while riding on the highway. It's definitely not the best idea to do. That's why we carry specifically designed Harley Softail Solo Bags. These bags are designed to securely mount to your Softail and ensure you can carry a simple bottle of water or even some spare tools wherever you go. Not everyone needs the huge storage of saddlebags which is why we worked hard to develop the best solo bags available. We test all of our luggage products to ensure that they withstand the test of time and don't end up sagging or dragging when you're just going about a ride.