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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Trunks

Motorcycle Trunks

The Harley Davidson trunks available with Viking Bags are more than just the durable and weather resistant combinations that you will get elsewhere. These Harley trunks have been the result of many man-hours of research and product of an incredible design think tank who have worked hard to come with a luggage solution to meet all kinds of user needs. While it does have room to fit in huge helmets like the other similar products, it can store so much more than that. At Viking Bags we know that riding is as thrilling as it is dangerous. Both perhaps go hand in hand but we want to make every journey safe for our users. That is why we have come up with products that will offer a large storage space and yet not overload the bike, offering the perfect riding balance.

Vikingbags' Trunks for Harley-HD Motorcycles

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