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Motorcycle Adventure Tank Bags

motorcycle adventure tank bags

Motorcycle Adventure Tank Bags

Every bike has the option of various luggage and luggage accessories to be attached to it. For adventure bikes, these options also means hardier and yet lighter products. It is the superior quality and assurance of brands like Viking that allows for the perfect luggage to be attached to the right bike. So the Viking adventure tank bags are not your regular off the shelf products that have the generic look on them and offer limited functions. These are products that have been designed keeping in mind what a thrill seeking biker would want from his/her luggage. They have more than enough space for one to carry all that they want for their trip and are very easy to use and maintain.

The Viking tank bags for adventure are perfect for sports bikers and professional racers since these are very easy to attach and give the riders fantastic leg space during their rides. All items are easily accessible and kept in an organized manner, no matter how rough or how long the journey can get. Available in various shapes, sizes and styles there is a perfect one for every biker. As the name suggests, these are attached to fuel tank of the bike. The standard design is quite simple and has two bags or pouches attached to a strap that has a hole in the middle. This hole can be fitted around the mouth of the fuel tank.

Features of Viking Tank Bags for Motorcycle Adventure:

Armed with detachable brackets, these are as easy to strap on to the bikes as they are to be converted into portable luggage. Ergonomically designed, these adventure tank bags can support the user across all kinds of terrains. The adjustable straps have padded foam in them to cushion the body from the weight that it carries. At the same time, they have excellent shock absorbent powers that make them stay steady and strong for years. Another great feature of these Vikingbags is that they don’t lose their looks as easily as other similar products that you get in the market.

Use of leather and ABS plastic make these bags completely waterproof. The outer cover can easily resist heat and moisture to keep the things inside in good condition. There are several compartments which allow users to keeps things neat and accessible, inside as well as out. They are styled in such a way that the bikers can keep their water bottles, first aid kits, gloves and other similar items within reach for emergencies. Handy as well as hardy, these adventures tank bags have designed to partner users for rougher rides than normal. So whether you use them as tank bags or as portable luggage from time to time, you cannot get a better deal or more value for your money than these reasonably priced quality products from Viking.