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Hyosung Motorcycle Saddlebags

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For die hard motorcycle fans, the accessories are as important as the bikes themselves. When they are driving around in branded bikes like the Hyosung series they are not going to allow cheap bags to undermine their overall look. It is therefore, very important that one choose the right kind of accessories and from the right retailers, so that both quality and price can be maintained. If you want the best of Hyosung Bags to choose from, then opting for a branded series like the Viking bags is a good idea. Not only will you be getting a wide range of accessories to go with your motorcycle saddle bags, you will also have a lot of flexible options at hand.

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GV250 Aquila Bags

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Hyosung Bag Collection

If you are wondering why these bags make the best buy, then a quick look at the key features is warranted. Durable exterior – One of the first things that people look at is how well the saddlebag is enhancing the overall look of the bike. If a bag is not only good looking but amazingly durable as well, then it makes a winning combination for all buyers. Made from pure Viking leather, these Hyosung motorcycle bagsdo just that. The hardy leather is further reinforced with fiberglass and ABS plastic which keeps their shape intact for years and the additional metal framing allows for maximum shock absorption as well. Damage proof interior – Just like the exterior of the bags, the interiors too have weather proof lining in plastic and mesh which keeps the contents dry and protected at all times. The hardy stitches that hold the whole thing together are done in rot proof threading as well. With numerous pockets and compartments, all bags for Hyosung motorcycleunits make storage super easy and safe for anything you wish to carry.

Easy handling – The ergonomic design of the Hyosung Bag make it easy to set up, change the way one wants to mount these – as throw over or detachable mounts, and with detachable brackets that convert them into a portable luggage in a jiffy. There are also optional handles on top to carry these around easily, if and when you do use them as a portable luggage. So if you want to travel light, these could very well work as your overnight case if you want. The zippers and Velcro flaps, make it easy to store things or reach them in a hurry. Effortless maintenance –Despite the many incredible features of the bag, it has been made with care and with materials that are durable and easy to maintain. The leather is easy to clean despite everyday use and is completely weatherproof as well. Just a swipe down is enough for regular usage and an occasional deep clean is all that is required to keep these Hyosung Bagsin top condition. Since they are not as easily prone to damage and shapelessness, they end up looking as good as new for years, thereby offering users incredible long term value.