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Vikingbags Guide for Harley® Bags

The very name Harley-Davidson conjures up images of thrilling rides and best road experiences for all, whether they are motorcycle connoisseurs or not. The brand has several sub-brands under it which bespeaks changes in style, looks and functionality that appeal to the varying range of Harley customers. For example, the Dyna model is known for its sleek designs and larger engine which really makes it stand apart from the others. All Harleys are in a class by themselves and when you examine each model closely you will see their uniqueness come out even further. These models also include names like the Wide Glide and the Street Bob among others. Brand Viking Bags have taken this intrinsic style as well as the differences to create state of the art accessories for your bikes.

Harley Dyna Saddlebag Guide
Saddlebag Guide for Harley Dyna
Harley Softail Saddlebag Guide
Saddlebag Guide for Harley Softail
Harley Sportster Saddlebag Guide
Saddlebag Guide for Harley Sportster

Vikingbags Guide on Choosing, Installing and Maintaining Harley® Saddlebags





Style: The look and feel of the saddlebags can range from plain to bling depending on the users choice and personality. So if you want more studs and buckles for your bag we can do the works for you. If you own a bike with all the bells and whistles you might as well settle for the same look for your accessories to keep the style even.

Capacity: Each style comes with its own specific conditions, both in terms of look and overall style. But even within each category, there are different shapes and sizes to choose from especially with the amount of storage that one has in mind. If you do need to carry a lot of gear the Viking Bags provides more than ample storage options to help you travel light.

Mounting: Whether you want the saddlebag permanently installed on your bike or the comfort of having a quick release, you can actually get both or interchange with our flexi mounting system which comes free of cost with every purchase.

Security: All saddlebags from Vikingbags come with a state of the art locking mechanism that offers regular as well as built in locks. No other similar product can offer this same level of security that the Viking bags can.

A closer look at the various models will entail why you cannot simply get a generic accessory for your bike. If you have the Super Glide, Wide Glide or Street Bob model you will definitely need a turn signal relocation kit while the others may or may not need it. If you opt for a throw over saddle you will need a back seat. For the Dyna you will need to check the fit and space on each side for one will have to clear the exhaust while the other will have provide room to clear the belt guard. If you don’t want to opt for the Quick Disconnect System you will be advised to go for the shock cut out or slanted bags.