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Harley Street Glide

Harley Street Glide Luggage Racks

If you own a Harley Davidson Street model, you know how much of a struggle it can be to get all the luggage you want onto your vehicle. Since the most space to place your motorcycle luggage is towards the back, it only makes sense that Harley Street Glide Luggage Racks are positioned there.

Because they do not have a solid level bottom, Street Glide Tour Pack Luggage Racks are the most secure when they are on top of a Tour-Pak lid. Depending on the specific type of luggage rack, the rungs spaced out evenly may be the same size, or the center rungs may be longer compared to the others.

Comprised of a strong steel foundation, Street Glide Luggage Racks have strengthened even further thanks to the combination of copper, nickel, and chrome coatings.

Harley Street Glide

Features of Harley Street Glide Luggage Racks

The surface of the Harley Street Glide Luggage Racks is easy to clean and polish, helping ensure that the metallic elements retain their robustness. The combined coatings contribute to the equipment’s longevity, rust resistance, and resistance to water damage.

The thickness of the rungs and the spacing between them may vary, but the frame is close enough that medium to large-sized baggage will not fall through. The streamlined design of the rungs helps to reduce drag and ensure that your motorcycle can still travel with minimal wind resistance.

When you purchase a Street Glide Tour Pack Luggage Rack, you will be given an inventory of nuts, bolts, and fasteners that you will use during the mounting process. You only need simple tools and there is an instruction guide that you can get in-person or download online. If you want to choose a color scheme for your Street Glide Luggage Rack, you can either go with chrome or a glossy black finish.