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Softail Slim

Harley Softail Slim Handlebars

Because you rely on the handlebars all the time to navigate on the road atop your Harley Softail Slim, you would notice the sudden change in your vehicles performance if the handlebars suddenly no longer worked. Not only would it become difficult to stay in control of your motorcycle if the handlebars do not move, but it could be potentially dangerous for yourself, pedestrians, and other drivers.

You will want the best Harley Softail Slim handlebars available on the market that includes the most versatile features and aesthetically pleasing outline. You can learn about the pros of the Harley Softail Slim handlebars created by Viking Bags down below.

Softail Slim

Features of Harley Softail Slim Handlebars

Being propped atop the front of your motorcycle means that Harley Slim handlebars are exposed to flying debris, heavy rainfall, and gusts of wind. Luckily, the stainless steel rods that make up the structure of Harley Slim handlebars cannot be marred by rust, water damage, or blunt trauma.

Though the Softail Slim handlebars stand upright, they are not completely straight. Instead, the forked handles are curved slightly backward so to be within range of the motorcyclists arms. The comfortable distance should prevent riders from having poor back posture and discomfort in their wrist joints.

Design of Harley Softail Slim Handlebars

Reaching up to a height of either 9 or 12 inches, Harley Softail Slim handlebars have forked steel rods that are parallel to each other and meet at the connected bar along the bottom. This equipment draws inspiration from other types of bars such as the handle curves of the mini-ape, the width between the trunks of the forked rods of the drag bar, and the framework inspired by the Z-bar. Painted over the length of the Harley Slim handlebars is either a matte or glossy black finish.