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Harley Road King

Harley Road King Luggage Racks

If you rely on a Honda model as a primary form of transportation and means to carry cargo, you will want to maximize the surface area available to attach your baggage. Because the dimensions of your motorcycle may not be enough, you may need to include an extension to increase storage capacity. Such extensions that you can find at Viking Bags are the Harley Road King Luggage Racks.

Though not a solid piece, the Road King Tour Pack Luggage Racks are built with a rectangular frame. The luggage racks can either have the rungs be built like blades or similar to a ladder. The overall structure is flat, able to stay level when mounted to help prevent your luggage from sliding.

The rungs are spaced out equidistant from each other, each one of them a short thick rounded steel rod. Despite there being small gaps in space, the rungs are able to support the weight of medium to large luggage. Because of how Road King Luggage Racks are designed, they are best fitted atop the Tour-Pak lid towards the back of your motorcycle.

Harley Road King

Features of Harley Road King Luggage Racks

The Harley Road King Luggage Racks sold at Viking Bags can either come in glossy black or chrome finish. Either one gives your luggage rack a clean look that complements your Harley Road motorcycle’s aesthetic.

Because the Road King Tour Pack Luggage Racks are exposed atop your motorcycle’s back, they have to be built tough when subjected to the sun, wind, rain, etc. The overall structure is made out of 100% durable steel with a base coating of copper and additional layers of nickel and chrome on top. Despite being made of metal, the racks are only a light 10 lbs, making them easy to mount or dismount from your Harley Road King.

Supplementary with the Road King Luggage Racks is the mounting hardware, composed of screws, washers, and fasteners. So long as you have the necessary hand-held tools, you will have little issue securely fastening your luggage rack to your Harley Road King.