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Harley Road Glide

Harley Road Glide Luggage Racks

Despite being made up of different metals, the Harley Road Glide Luggage Racks are surprisingly lightweight at only 10 lbs, being easy to lift onto your motorcycle. Typically designed to be placed atop of Tour-Pak lids, they are positioned towards the rear of a motorcycle.

Though having an overall rectangular shape, the Road Glide Tour Pack Luggage Racks is composed of several straight rungs spread apart a few inches from each other. There are also rounded square openings in between the rungs.

Though the main body is composed of stainless steel, there are several coatings applied to different parts of the Road Glide Luggage Racks. The bottom is made up of copper and the rest is covered in nickel and chrome the farther up you go.

Harley Road Glide

Features of Harley Road Glide Luggage Racks

Thanks to the tough steel body and the metal coatings, Harley Road Glide Luggage Racks can survive being hammered by random debris, drenched in rainwater, being buffeted by winds, and being subjected to the elements. The spots that are not covered by luggage are built to endure plenty of punishment.

The gaps and openings in between the rungs allow luggage straps or cords to be looped around to keep your baggage from coming loose. Despite being a hunk of metal, the overall structure of Road Glide Tour Pack Luggage Racks is aerodynamic so to help reduce wind resistance.

To give a bit of variety to the style of Road Glide Luggage Racks, they can come in either a chrome or glossy black color. Regardless of which color scheme you prefer, any luggage rack you purchase at Viking Bags comes with mounting hardware equipment so that you can have the honor of putting it up yourself.