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Harley Davidson Handle Bars

Harley-Davidson® Handle Bars

Harley-Davidson® Handle Bars
  • Specific Hardware Included
  • Easy Installation
  • Rust Proof

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Features of Viking Harley Davidson Handlebars

Viking Bags’ Harley motorcycle handlebars have a rigid and durable steel exterior, not easy to bend, dent, or scratch unless struck at high speed by a large object, like incoming debris or another vehicle. The Harley handlebars’ surface is rustproof, waterproof, weather-resistant, and damage-resistant. Because this equipment is built to be long-lasting, the handlebars should stay in good condition, whether traveling through any environment or weather. So long as you provide regular maintenance to the handlebars, they should last you for several years before you need to get a replacement set.

Design of Harley Motorcycle Handlebars

Viking Bags’ Harley Davidson handlebars have a V-twin shape, a perfectly horizontal bar in the center, and both ends pointed downwards. This motorcycle part borrows design elements from other handlebars, including the mini-ape bar’s handlebars position, the drag bar’s tight width, and the Z-bar’s overall look. Most of this equipment’s structure is made of stainless steel rods with DOM tubing, round in shape so that they are comfortable to grip and easy to carry. It is possible to get a version with either a glossy or matte finish that comes in a chrome or black color scheme. At the bottom of the Harley motorcycle handlebars is a small opening where you can insert the wiring connected to your motorcycle’s controls. There are holes along the length of the handlebars and underneath the grips that allow you to access and pull the wiring from the bottom to the top. The grips on the handlebars for Harley are angled slightly towards the rider to make it easier to reach them without leaning forward too far. The level position of the handlebar grips will ensure a straight back and less discomfort in your wrist and elbow joints.

Why You Should Buy Viking Harley Davidson Handlebars

Though Harley Davidson handlebars are hard to break and take a while to wear down, pay attention to how well they function every time you take your vehicle out for a ride. If there is stiffness when turning, it could negatively affect your vehicle’s performance. Usually, this is a sign that you need to find and get new handlebars. But rather than waste time searching on the internet comparing and contrasting Harley motorcycle handlebars, come check out the inventory at Viking Bags. Viking Bags’ Harley handlebars are easy to install, requiring only simple hand-held tools and a short instruction guide. Plus, the handlebars are built out of high-quality materials, constructed by skilled engineers, can be easily stored away, and is available within a low price range. Keep in mind that Viking Bags only has handlebars for Harley Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Street, and Touring bikes.