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Harley Electra Glide

Harley Electra Glide Luggage Racks

When you ride a Harley Electra Glide motorcycle, you want to be able to leisurely cruise without having to worry about your cargo being sent flying due to inertia. A motorcycle accessory that enables you to anchor your midweight to heavyweight cargo load is the Harley Electra Glide Luggage Rack.

Electra Glide Tour Pack Luggage Racks are horizontal shelves that allow you to rest your luggage on a flat surface towards the motorcycle’s rear. Though able to be fitted onto the fender, the four stubs along the bottom of the racks make it easier to secure them on Tour-Pak lids.

Lined in rows across the length of the Electra Glide Luggage Racks are rungs that either all have a uniform length or vary slightly in their dimensions. Depending on the individual Harley Electra Glide Luggage Racks, the edges of the frame can be angled slightly to form the bottom of a cage which helps to keep your luggage from falling off.

Harley Electra Glide

Features of Harley Electra Glide Luggage Racks

Providing either a shiny look or a darker, edgier vibe, your Harley Electra Glide Luggage Racks can either come in a chrome or glossy black finish respectively. Regardless of which finishing you prefer, all versions of this product are made primarily out of steel. To help provide a protective layer, the racks are painted over with copper, nickel, and chrome coatings.

Being made completely out of metallic materials, Electra Glide Tour Pack Luggage Racks can withstand an unbelievable amount of abuse. The combination of different metals ensures that this equipment is rust-resistant, weather-resistant, and has good longevity. And it is capable of all this despite only being 10 lbs in weight.

You are also given a small box full of mounting hardware including screws, washers, and other fitment devices. While you have to supply the tools yourself, being provided with these items saves you time and money. You will then have everything you will need to fasten on your Electra Glide Luggage Rack.