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Dyna Fat Bob FXDF

Harley Dyna Fat Bob FXDF Handlebars

When riding atop a Harley Dyna Fat Bob, riders tend to focus on the rumble and horsepower of the engine. However, you are only able to appreciate the engines power and vibrations if you have the means to steer properly. While any motorcycle handlebars would be up to the task, it helps to have equipment that offers the most functionality and style.

If you like to ride a Harley Dyna Fat Bob for daily commutes or on long trips, then you may want to consider getting yourself a set of Harley Dyna Fat Bob FXDF handlebars that are available at Viking Bags.

Dyna Fat Bob FXDF

Features of Harley Dyna Fat Bob FXDF Handlebars

Though they are not likely to get hit when positioned behind the windshield, Harley Fat Bob FXDF handlebars are built out of stainless steel rods to help protect them from damage. Even when struck by flying debris, the handlebars will retain their form without so much as a dent or scratch.

Because the Dyna Fat Bob FXDF handlebars are built with a compact and simplistic design, you will have little issue inserting them into the front of your motorcycle. So that you can better weave the wires between the handlebars and the motorcycle, there is a built-in pulling wire that you can use to guide the wiring.

Design of Harley Dyna Fat Bob FXDF Handlebars

The full framework is comprised of five steel rods that form a single piece of motorcycle equipment. The base is the point of connection between your motorcycle and the handlebars. The two trunks reach up to a height of 9 or 12 inches. The two handles jut out sideways from the top of the trunks.