Yamaha Motorcycle Saddlebag Lids & Covers

Yamaha Virago Motorcycle Saddlebag Lids & Covers


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Saddlebag Lids & Covers for Yamaha Virago Motorcycles

Protect your motorcycle saddlebags with our handy Virago saddlebag lids and covers. The backside of the cover is gentle to the paint. Also, the durable and premium, weather-resistant covers keep the debris, scuffs, and other hazards at bay. When you go on a long journey, keep your gears protected with these lids and covers. The quality materials and colors of matte, black, and chrome seamlessly blend with the design of the bike, and the best part is they are highly convenient. 

1. No drilling or modification required and are easy to install

2. Perfectly secure and easy to put on and off

3. Available at affordable prices

4. Provides easy access and convenience

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