Yamaha Motorcycle Saddlebag Extensions

Yamaha Virago Motorcycle Saddlebag Extensions


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Saddlebag Extensions for Yamaha Virago Motorcycles

At Viking Bags, you are assured of getting affordable, premium, and durable Virago saddlebag extensions. So you can get your custom look without fretting about the price. Virago motorcycle saddlebag extensions are a simple and easy way to get the perfect look while keeping the original factory made saddlebags. These are specially designed by qualified engineers for the Virago bikes, so it will get seamlessly attached to the bike.

Features of Virago bag extensions:

1. Constructed with high-quality materials which makes it tough

2. Perfectly works with the existing saddlebags

3. It includes mounting bolts

4. Cheap price

5. Available in coatings of matte, chrome and black

6. Styles include tall, medium, and short

When going on a long journey, our saddlebag extensions add convenience and also protect your items. You will find here what you are looking for and pack your possessions safely and securely. It comes with the quick release and mounting features, which makes the process of installing and detaching completed within a few minutes. Get our best products at cheap prices now!

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