Yamaha Motorcycle Saddlebag Extensions

Yamaha V Star Motorcycle Saddlebag Extensions


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Saddlebag Extensions for Yamaha V Star Motorcycles

Viking bags is providing you with the opportunity to get the custom stretched look at in an affordable way and with complete replacements. Our V Star saddlebag extensions feature removable cutouts for every single, dual or side-output exhaust system. The bolt-on steel scrap protectors allow for carving through the corners without any worries. 

Features of V Star motorcycle saddlebag extensions:

1. Manufactured using high-quality materials and durable construction makes it tough and last longer

2. Steel scrap protectors at the bottom

3. Available in chrome, matte and black finishing

4. Can be easily custom colored within minimum effort and preparation

5. Integrated cutouts that provide exhaust clearance

6. Available in styles of tall, medium and short

7. Quick release and mounting 

Our detachable V Star bag extensions are offered at cheap prices. So get our premium and best product at the price that is budget-friendly. So browse through our wide collection and keep your bike stylish.

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