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Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer

The Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer is constructed with a slim and lightweight frame that promotes balance while you are riding. There is enough space to fit all your luggage and to be able to sit comfortably, with the seat height being relatively low to the ground to ensure good handling. It is also possible to affix add-ons to your motorcycle that are capable of improving the Yamaha model’s performance and safety features.

The framework of the Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer is not so compact that it is impossible to mount a set of Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer fairings. If you think that your motorcycle could benefit from having extra protective measures in place, then you may want to get better acquainted with the fairings that are in stock at Viking Bags.

Features & Design of Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer Fairings

Shaped to encompass the curvature of your motorcycle’s anterior, the V-Star 950 Tourer fairings have a concave frame, with the back being open while the front is heavily built with a rigid shell of ABS plastic. The entire structure of the fairings is painted with a glossy black finish, giving off an edgy vibe that complements your vehicle’s look. This piece of equipment is customizable as you can apply different colored patterns.

The outer shell is strong enough to survive impacts with heavy objects without cracking thanks to being made from ABS plastic. The opaque windshield helps to shield your face from the elements, not only forming a barrier against wind, rain, and debris but also reducing the harshness of the sun’s rays.

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