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Yamaha V Star 1100 Custom XVS11T Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Yamaha V Star 1100 Custom

Though sharing the low height and good handling of the classic Yamaha V-Star 1100, the Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom, XVS11T has slight alterations that help improve its aesthetic appearance and handling on the road. Being a custom version, this Yamaha model can be fitted with accessories that either improve a specific function of your motorcycle or allows you to show off your unique identity as a rider.

An affordable yet handy accessory to have at your disposal is a pair of Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom, XVS11T fairings. If you have been searching online for a good addition to your vehicle’s frame, then you will find the best quality Yamaha 1100 Custom fairings on the market here at Viking Bags.

Features & Design of Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom, XVS11T Fairings

V-Star 1100 Custom fairings are a single piece of equipment, an oval-shaped plastic casing that can be fitted around the shape of your motorcycle’s anterior. The front is etched with the design, whether a smooth round surface, rounded protrusions, or square-shaped grooves. The back is carved out, matching the curve and angles of the front while leaving room to fit the fairings onto your motorcycle’s fork.

For protection, Yamaha XVS11T fairings have an outer shell made of rigid ABS plastic that encompasses the entire front of your motorcycle, preventing debris from hitting the headlight, handlebars, and fork. The windshield is made from acrylic or plexiglass, forming a barrier around your head that can deflect rain, wind, and debris. You install the fairings using the steel clamps, making use of the universal bracket kit and an installation guide to aid you.

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