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Motorcycle Fairings for Yamaha Stryker

Built with aspects of classic custom choppers that help to give this vehicle an aggressive style, the Yamaha Stryker is adept at maneuvering at high speeds and providing comfort when seated. You will also find it plausible to customize the appearance of your bike onto the narrow yet lightweight frame.

Providing a bit of extra armor towards the front while giving your motorcycle an edgier style, the Yamaha Stryker fairings are a perfect addition to the equipment you can install on your vehicle.

Features & Design of Yamaha Stryker Fairings

So to better fit around the curvature of your motorcycle’s front, the Stryker fairings have a wide, rounded, and hollow structure made from ABS plastic. Upon your initial purchase, this equipment will come in a glossy black color scheme. However, it is possible to paint over the surface with different colors, patterns and designs if you love to customize. You do not need to assemble the Yamaha Stryker fairings because it is already made as a single piece of equipment.

The ABS plastic outer shell has an aerodynamic shape and is durable enough to withstand impacts from debris moving at high speed. The tinted windshield is made from a thick panel of acrylic or plexiglass to better protect your head from being battered by wind, rain, or debris and lessen the harsh light of the sun. The center has a large opening to help you line up and fit the fairings around a 5 ¾-inch headlight.

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