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Yamaha Stratoliner/Roadliner XV1900 Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Yamaha Stratoliner/Roadliner

Despite the Roadliner being the original and the Stratoliner being a modified version, both were built with a similar design and considered part of the Star Division series. Either vehicle is ideal for touring or long-distance trips so any preference you have for the Roadliner or Stratoliner is based on your tastes.

Another similarity that these Yamaha models share is that they can be fitted with extra add-ons that help provide better protection for the chassis and your upper torso. Fitted to the specifications of both the Stratoliner and Roadliner, it is possible to mount a set of Yamaha Stratoliner/Roadliner fairings.

Features & Design of Yamaha Stratoliner/Roadliner Fairings

Yamaha Stratoliner/Roadliner fairings have a rounded body with a large opening in the center, with the entire surface covered with a glossy black finish. The front is reinforced with a bulky build made from ABS plastic, while the rear is carved out to better fit around the shape of your motorcycle’s front. The notable features of the fairings are the windscreen, outer shell, and steel clamps.

The acrylic or plexiglass windscreen has a black tint which helps to filter and lessen the harshness of the sun’s rays. The windscreen encompasses your head, forming a protective shield to ward off wind, rain, and/or debris. The outer shell is covered in a smooth yet heavily-built ABS plastic material, which gives the fairings their longevity and durability. You will be able to attach the Stratoliner/Roadliner fairings to the motorcycle fork by using the steel clamps along the back.

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