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Motorcycle Fairings for Yamaha Silverado

What makes the Yamaha Road Star Silverado unique from other members of the Road Star family are the chrome plating and the passing lamps. This motorcycle already has a stylish appearance and good handling, but you can make this vehicle even stronger by attaching extra equipment.If you feel that your motorcycle can fit equipment that will help better protect the two-wheeler’s chassis and your upper torso, you should consider getting some Yamaha Road Star Silverado fairings.

Features & Design of Yamaha Road Star Silverado Fairings

Painted over with a glossy black finish, the Road Star Silverado fairings have a considerable height and wide outer shell to better form a barrier at the front of your motorcycle. The ABS plastic shell is built to be aerodynamic and cannot be easily scratched or dented by flying debris. The tinted acrylic or plexiglass windscreen allows you to see the road without having to worry about sunlight, debris, rain, or water getting into your face.

Though there is a large hole in the center, the Yamaha Silverado fairings are a single solid piece that does not require assembly. You should be able to line up and fit the fairings around a headlight that is 5 ¾ inches. During installation, you attach the fairings to the motorcycle by using steel clamps, the universal bracket kit, and the directions from the installation guide.

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