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Motorcycle Fairings for Yamaha Road Star S Midnight

There are many versions of the Yamaha Road Star, each one built slightly different from its siblings to offer better performance, engine power, etc., to better suit the needs of novice and experienced riders. However, a trait that all of these motorcycles share is that they can be equipped with add-ons.A particularly useful and cool-looking add-on that you can mount depending on the vehicle you own is a set of Yamaha Road Star, Yamaha Road Star S, or Yamaha Road Star Midnight fairings.

Features & Design of Yamaha Road Star, S, Midnight Fairings

All types of Yamaha Road Star, S, and Midnight fairings are made from ABS plastic, a smooth yet hardy material that is difficult to crack, cannot become rusty, and allows for better airflow around the edges of the fairings. The windshield forms a barrier around your head and is made from a shaded acrylic or plexiglass panel. It helps block rain, wind, or debris from battering your face if you own an open-face helmet and keeps you from being blinded by the sun.

At the center of every Yamaha Road Star, Yamaha Road Star S, and Yamaha Road Star Midnight is a nearly perfect circular opening that can fit around a headlight that is 5 ¾ inches. Steel clamps adorn the back on opposite sides of the circular opening, serving as the point of attachment to a metal fork between 35 to 49 mm.

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