Yamaha Motorcycle Saddlebag Extensions

Yamaha Raider Motorcycle Saddlebag Extensions


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Saddlebag Extensions for Yamaha Raider Motorcycles

Viking Bags Raider saddlebag extensions are designed to provide a smooth stretched look and also a secure fit. You can use our premium saddlebag extensions to get the desired upgraded look for your motorcycle. 

1. Attach it with your saddlebags to get a smooth stretched look

2. Styles available in tall, medium and short

3. Cuts are designed to be easily used with dual exhaust

4. Full and half backs are designed to be used with hidden exhaust and 2 into 1 exhaust systems

5. The gel coat finish construction in matte, chrome and black

6. Manufactured from durable and high-quality materials

7. Quick release and installation features

8. Available at affordable prices

Keep this in mind, by offering Raider motorcycle saddlebag extensions at lower prices; it does not mean that we use cheap materials. We never compromise on quality and endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best Raider bag extensions. So don’t wait any longer and get our products now to get the desired look you want for your bike.

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