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Motorcycle Fairings for Yamaha Raider

Part of the Star Cruiser series, the Yamaha Raider was created by incorporating aspects of custom choppers that helped make it suitable for cruising, braking, and turning at any speed. Because this vehicle is classified as a cruiser yet has traits befitting of a chopper, it is possible to customize this vehicle by attaching extra motorcycle equipment.

An example of a motorcycle add-on that can function as a protective measure and improve the stylish look of the motorcycle is the Yamaha Raider fairings. This page will inform you of all the basic information you need to know to evaluate the quality, features, and design of the Yamaha Raider fairings manufactured by Viking Bags.

Features & Design of Yamaha Raider Fairings

Yamaha Raider fairings are molded out of an ABS plastic shell with an ovalish yet curved shape to make it easier to fit this equipment against the motorcycle’s anterior. The front has the largest and bulkiest distribution of ABS plastic to form a tough outer shell. The rear is hollowed out with steel clamps lined up close to the center to make for easy fitment around a 35 to 49 mm motorcycle fork.

The wide dimensions of the Yamaha Raider fairings’ outer shell help to provide full coverage for the chassis. The tall height of the tinted windscreen helps to provide full coverage for your head in case of wind, rain, or flying objects.

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