Yamaha Motorcycle Saddlebag Extensions

Yamaha Bolt Motorcycle Saddlebag Extensions


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Saddlebag Extensions for Yamaha Bolt Motorcycles

Bolt saddlebag extensions provide the best and cost-effective way of getting a custom look or style of stretched saddlebags. These extensions are specially designed to fit seamlessly on Bolt bikes. These Bolt motorcycle saddlebag extensions also provide added benefits of built-in auxiliary lights and LED for increased visibility. The measurements of saddlebag extensions are 24 inches long and 5 inches high and provide protection to the passengers from getting their legs burned from the hot rods. The inwardly curved design improves the style and minimizes cornering interference.

Bolt bag extensions are available in matte, chrome, and black finishing with a quick release and mounting features. Get it in the styles of the tall, medium, and short, made with durable and premium materials that make it sturdy. Our detachable saddlebag extensions are offered at cheap prices, which means they are affordable. We offer express shipping, so you are going to get your products delivered at your doorstep within the mentioned time.

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