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Motorcycle Fairings for Victory V92C

Despite its hefty weight and appearance, the Victory V92C is responsive to your touch and is just as maneuverable as the lighter, more streamlined Victory models. Rather than being clumsy or slow, this motorcycle has a consistent power output from its engine and glides smoothly even when traveling over uneven ground. However, its bulky yet mobile build may not be able to protect from all dangers. Even though the Victory V92C is a reliable mode of transportation, you may be surprised how much adding an extra motorcycle part can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding an accident. If you are looking for an add-on that contributes to your motorcycle’s style and functionality, then you may find a Victory V92C fairing to be a worthwhile investment.

Features & Design of Victory V92C Fairings

The standard V92C fairing is a rounded, black piece of equipment with a smooth surface and sharp angles along the sides. The front is reinforced while the back is carved out. Most of the structure is comprised of a combination of ABS plastic and fiberglass, forming a nigh impenetrable shell that will only crack if struck at extremely high speed. The shaded acrylic or plexiglass windshield is a thick panel that helps keep wind, rain, and debris from hitting your head.

The back of the Victory V92C fairings are not as compact, but it is shaped in a way that it will seamlessly press against the surface of your motorcycle’s front and around the headlight. Aside from the slight indents, the only design feature of note is the steel clamps along the large, central opening. You will find placing and removing the fairing is relatively easy thanks to the universal bracket kit you are given with purchase.

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