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Motorcycle Fairings for Victory Hammer

A motorcycle constructed with heavy chrome plating reminiscent of more traditional cruisers, the Victory Hammer is a model designed to be easy to steer and handle. This vehicle was also comfortable to ride thanks to its low center of gravity and seating position which made it easy for a rider to clear tight turns. Though its impeccable design makes it already reliable and safe to use, it sometimes helps to have a few add-ons equipped to your Victory Hammer.

An add-on that is easy to install, that will complement your vehicle’s style, and can be purchased at an affordable price is the Victory Hammer fairing.

Features & Design of Victory Hammer Fairings

To ensure that they fit perfectly around the front of your motorcycle, Victory Hammer fairings have a circular structure with an open back and a single opening. The front is the heaviest, most durable section as it is comprised of a dense layer of ABS plastic and/or fiberglass. The back makes up the outline of the fairings and has lines of steel clamps along the edges of the opening.

Hammer fairings can endure mild to moderate impacts from flying debris, strong winds, and bumping into obstacles. If you run into something at high speed, the fairings will crack but will still help keep your motorcycle intact. When mounting the fairings, keep the opening centered around the headlight while you use the steel clamps and universal bracket kit.

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