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Motorcycle Fairings for Victory Boardwalk

The Victory Boardwalk is a two-wheeler that combines the aesthetic of traditional and modern motorcycles, built to provide maximum levels of comfort without sacrificing its high engine output and excellent performance on the road. Though it already stands out due to its large, full-coverage fenders, the Victory Boardwalk can be made even more unique by including extra motorcycle parts like the Victory Boardwalk fairings.

Victory models are already reliable vehicles with optimal safety features, but having Boardwalk fairings would help provide extra durability and better protect the rider from the elements. Plus, attaching this add-on can give your motorcycle a new look to reflect your unique riding style.

Features & Design of Victory Boardwalk Fairings

Built with a semi-circular structure, Victory Boardwalk fairings are heavily built towards the front with a dense ABS plastic or fiberglass shell. The rounded surface ensures that wind will flow smoothly around, reducing drag caused by wind resistance. Along the top is an acrylic or plexiglass windshield that shields your face from wind, dust, debris, etc.

Towards the back is a carved-out, hollow interior that is shaped to fit around your motorcycle’s front and headlight. When you are fixing the Boardwalk fairings in place, you use the steel clamps lined along the opening and the tools provided in the universal bracket kit.

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